We fit the frame right and do it the first time!

Clip On LensesMagnetic Clip-on Sunwear

We carry the Chemistrie custom polarized magnetic sunglasses that can be custom made for almost any frame. 

Rimless GlassesRimless Eyewear

We carry several brands of rimless eyewear, including Line Art, Silhouette, Charmant and other collections. All of these frames use the compression mount to secure the lenses to the frame and this frees the eyeglass wearer from worry about screws coming loose.

Progressive LensesProgressive Lenses

We carry 8 types of progressive lenses in house and these are available for immediate service. We have access to over 500 progressive lenses. We can take care of all your lens needs. We also have access to free form and high definition progressive lenses which is the newest technology. These lenses are available in regular, mid index, and high index.


We carry many brands of polarized sunglasses. Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Ray Ban, Revo, and many more. We can do prescription in most of the above brands including Carrera, Armani and others. We do polarized prescription sunglasses and we also do custom tints. Shallow water fishing is best suited using an amber polarized lens and deep water fishing enjoys the dark gray tint. Using a green mirror coating on amber lenses and blue mirror on dark gray tints gives more protection.

Transitions LensesTransitions Lenses

Lenses that are right in any light. We use the new Transition signature tint that darkens in the sun for those who are light sensitive. They will automatically darken when you go outside in the sun and lighten when you go back inside. Transition lenses also block harmful ultraviolet light.

Anti-reflective CoatingsIzod_ProFlex2004

We carry many brands including Zeiss and Crizal. We also carry blue blockers which filter out the harmful blue violet rays while allowing Blue Turquoise light for good vision.

16Q1_ATPROD_Vonn_Latch_29_7x21_WebSun Lenses

Polarized prescription lenses will block glare as well as a bright light. They are especially good for driving, fishing or other times when glare is a problem.

Sun Gray Lenses16Q1_MASTER_Chas_Sliver_30x40_Web copy

Perfect all around choice for sports and driving. Gives more true color and is great in medium and bright sun conditions. Color of choice by deep water fishermen.